How Do You Sail Faster in Atlas? - Trickyfish (2024)

In the world of Atlas, sailing faster is crucial for efficient exploration and trade. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a newbie just getting your feet wet, there are several tips and tricks that can help you sail faster and more efficiently. In this article, we will explore some of these strategies to help you master the art of sailing in Atlas.

Upgrade your Ship

If you want to sail faster in Atlas, one of the first things you should consider is upgrading your ship. Upgrading your ship’s sails, hull, and steering wheel can significantly improve its speed and maneuverability.

Sail Upgrades

Investing in better sails is key to increasing your ship’s speed. Look for sails with high speed bonuses or special abilities that enhance sailing performance. Sails with abilities like “Sail Force” or “Wind Catcher” are especially useful for gaining extra speed.

Hull Upgrades

A lighter hull can help reduce the weight of your ship, resulting in increased speed. Consider upgrading to a lighter hull material like fiberglass or carbon fiber if you have access to these resources.

Steering Wheel Upgrades

An upgraded steering wheel can make a world of difference when it comes to maneuvering your ship efficiently. Look for steering wheels with improved turning radius or enhanced control abilities.

Trim Your Sails

To maximize your ship’s speed, it’s essential to trim your sails properly. Trimming refers to adjusting the angle and tension of the sails to catch the wind effectively.

  • Angle: Adjusting the angle of the sails allows you to take advantage of wind direction. Position them at an angle where they can catch as much wind as possible without being too perpendicular to the wind.
  • Tension: Proper tension ensures that the sails maintain their shape and maximize their efficiency. Adjust the tension by tightening or loosening the sail ropes as needed.

Experiment with different sail angles and tensions to find the optimal settings for your ship. Keep in mind that these settings may vary depending on wind direction and speed.

Take Advantage of Wind Patterns

Understanding wind patterns is crucial for sailing faster in Atlas. The game’s dynamic weather system creates various wind conditions, including headwind, crosswind, and tailwind.

  • Headwind: When sailing against the wind, it’s essential to zigzag or tack to make progress. Sail at an angle to the wind, alternating between left and right angles to move forward effectively.
  • Crosswind: Crosswinds can be advantageous as they allow you to sail at a perpendicular angle to the wind.

    Adjust your sails accordingly to catch as much crosswind as possible.

  • Tailwind: Sailing with a tailwind is ideal for achieving maximum speed. Position your sails directly downwind and enjoy the boost in speed.

Paying attention to wind patterns and adjusting your sails accordingly can help you sail faster and more efficiently across Atlas’ vast oceans.

Maintain Your Ship

A well-maintained ship performs better than one that is neglected. Regularly repair any damages, clean barnacles off the hull, and replace worn-out components like ropes or pulleys.

Note: A dirty hull can slow down your ship due to increased drag caused by barnacles and other marine life. Regularly cleaning your ship’s hull can help maintain its speed.

By following these tips and strategies, you can sail faster and more efficiently in Atlas. Remember to upgrade your ship, trim your sails correctly, take advantage of wind patterns, and maintain your vessel. Happy sailing!

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How Do You Sail Faster in Atlas? - Trickyfish (2024)


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